EPW 2009

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EPW 2009

Download the 2009 programme here.

CEPI Annual Meeting

Title Speaker Document
Welcome and opening address Magnus Hall, CEPI Chairman not available
Introduction Patrick Moore, Moderator not available
Keynote Speech Ola Altera, Secretary of State for Energy and Entreprise (Sweden) not available
Keynote Speech Dr Romana Jordan Cizelj (MEP) not available
Keynote Speech Nick Campbell, Chair BusinessEurope, Climate Change Working Group N.Cambell presentation
Reading Newspaper in a Digital Age Ulrich Schmitz, Axel Springer U.Schmitz presentation
Packaging in Sustainability Nigel Bagley, Unilever N.Bagley presentation
Promoting Paper Values Teresa Presas and Discussion with Patrick Moore T.Presas presentation
Concluding remarks Magnus Hall, CEPI chairman not availablen


Speakers Biographies 2009



Seminar 1 – Promoting Biodiversity in the European Pulp and Paper Industry

Title Speaker Document
Welcome and introduction Mikko Ohela (Metsäliitto) not available
Sharing Experiences on forest biodiversity Robert Taylor (Editor) R. Taylor presentation
Biodiversity in protected and managed forests Nicole Nowicki-Caupin (Eurosite) not available
Business & Biodiversity Marta Kaczynska (European Commission) M.Kaczynska presentation
MCPFE Policies for the conservation of forest biodiversity Arne Ivar Sletnes (MCPFE Liaison Unit) A. I. Sletnes presentation
The European Parliament Perspective Struan Stevenson (European Parliament) not available
Wrap-up/End of Seminar Ulrich Leberle (CEPI) not available


Speakers Biographies


Seminar 2 – Water footprinting – The next big thing?

Title Speaker Document
Opening and welcome - Introduction of the speakers John Swift (SCA – chairman) J.Swift presentation
Water issue introduction Marco Mensink (CEPI) M.Mensink presentation
Water footprint introduction Derk Kuiper (WFN) D.Kruiper presentation
Water footprint of Coca Cola Ulrike Sapiro (Coke) U.Sapiro presentation
Water footprint of a paper mill Ola Svending (StoraEnso) not available
The Global round table Karin Krchnak (AWS) K.Krchnak presentation
The WWF perspective to water Sergej Moroz (WWF) S.Moroz presentation
Paper industry projects and way forward Marco Mensink (CEPI) not available


Speakers Biographies


Seminar 3 – Research: Biorefinery – Bio-chemicals

Title Speaker Document
Opening words Arie Hooimeijer (Chairman of CEPI R&D Group) not available
Innovation Landscape Structural Changes(SCP) Jukka Kilpeläinen (Stora Enso) J.Kilpenäinen presentation
The importance of Biorefinery Antti Asikainen (METLA)
Dr. Klaus Neumann (Borregaard)
Ola Hildingsson (Domsjoe)
Mr Hans Sohlström (UPM)
Petri Vasara (Poÿry)
Annita Westenbroeck (KCPK)
K.Neumann presentation
O. Hildingsson presentation
H. Sohlström presentation
P. Vasara presentation
A. Westenbroek presentation
Conclusion on the biorefinery future: obstacles and success factors Arie Hooimeijer not available
Biorefineries: the Institutional perspective for an expansion of forest-based biorefineries Tomas Jonsson
Maria Fernandez
T. Jonsson presentation
M. Fernandez presentation
FTP and biorefineries Kimmo Kalela not available
Closure of the meeting Arie Hooimeijer not available


Speakers Biographies


Seminar 4 – Benchmarking for EU ETS

Title Speaker Document
Welcome by the chair Stefan Sundman (FFIF) not available
Introduction/background/planning Marco Mensink (CEPI) M.Mensink presentation
Introduction Benchmarking principles Maarten Neelis (Ecofys) M.Neelis presentation
A benchmark proposal for PPI Marco Mensink (CEPI)/Maarten Neelis (Ecofys) not available


Speakers Biographies

FBI Seminar

Forest Products Industry: A natural value

Strategic Research Workshop - the Future Needs of the Paper Industry (COST action)


Paper and ICT - Co-exisiting in a Sustainable Society