EPW 2012

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EPW 2012

CEPI 2012 Annual Meeting

VIDEO: Paper is value- Paper Industry statistics

Speakers Biographies

Title Speaker
Video Message Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, European Commissioner for Research
20 Years of CEPI – the Future has Begun Teresa Presas, CEPI Director General
Implementing the 2050 Roadmap – two teams approach M. Mensink Presentation
Paper – a fibre based bio-composite for high-performance materials  Young reseracher: Veronika Beil
New Ways in Stock Preparation: Energy Efficient Thermo Mechanical Pulping (ETMP) Young researcher: Toni Handke
New insight in micro-hole screening for the separation of fines  Young reseracher: Saurabh Kumar


European Paper Week 2012 Seminars & Meetings

Feel free to consult and download presentations from the European Paper Week 2012 by clicking on one of the links below.

Date Seminar/Meeting Title Speaker
Tue 13 Nov Innovation in Paper (Early stage researchers workshop) by CEPI/EFPRO Agenda  
    What holds paper together?- A nanoscale approach Franz Schmied
    Paper – a fibre based bio-composite for high-performance materials Veronika Beil
    The implementation of selected biotechnological processes into papermaking industry: study
of feasibility

Patrycja Suminska(represented by Nevena Gajic)
    ETMP – A New Approach for Energy Efficient Thermomechanical Pulping by Using Electron Irradiation of Wood Chips Toni Handke
    Use of Micro/Nanofibrillated Cellulose in the Development of Paperbased Barrier Materials
Céline Guézénnec
    Understanding the formability of paper-based materials in production of advanced 3D-shapes Alexey Vishtal
    Adsorption Deinking – an alternative process Thomas Schrinner
    Functional bio-based coating for moulded pulp trays - A comparison between coated and uncoated materials. Sanne Tiekstra
    Adsorption of Xylans onto Cellulosic Surfaces Miletzky Albrecht
    New insight in micro-hole screening for the separation of fines Saurabh Kumar
    Enhanced Dry and Wet Web Runnability by Spray Application of Different Polymers – Laboratory and Pilotscale - Scale Studies  Kristian Salaminen
    Determination of mineral oil content in recycled paper Sonja Jamnicki
Wed 14 Nov Infosession: EU Timber Regulation  Agenda  
    The European Pulp & paper industry prepared for the next steps in fighting illegal logging Bernard de Galembert and Ulrich Leberle, CEPI
     Introduction of the Lacey Act Jacob Handelsman, AF&PA
    How Can FSC help companies comply with the EU Timber Regulation John Hontelez, FSC
    How PEFC Helps Companies Address EUTR Requirements Thorsten Arndt, PEFC International
Wed 14 Nov Seminar - Print Media in Times of Change  Agenda  
    EPC Global Digital Media Trends Book - Revenue and usage facts, with a spotlight on print media
Martha Stone, World Newsmedia Network
     Magazine publishing in a digital environment  Eric Ariëns, Sanoma Media
    The new power of printed communication in the
digital age
Walter Trezek, Document Exchange Network
    Media literate citizens use the news Fifi Schwarz, News in Education Netherlands
Wed 14 Nov Seminar- BREF - Your permit to operate Agenda  
    Opening Marjaana Luttinen Vice President Environmental Affairs, Stora Enso
    BREF for the Pulp and Paper Industry Krystyna Panek-Gondek, European Commission
    IPPC to IED Caroline May, Norton Rose
    Overview of the latest draft document: Chapter 2, Chapter 7, Sulphite industry, Chapter 6 Industry Experts: Hannu Nurmesniemi, David Lomax, Jorn Syvertsen, Keith Fitzpatrick
    Costs and implications for the industry
Jori Ringman-Beck, CEPI
Thu 15 Nov Infosession - Cascading use of wood Agenda  
    Jobs and added value Jaakko Jokinen Pöyry Management Consulting
    The European Wood Flows and the benefits of the cascading use of wood Prof. Udo Mantau University of Hamburg
Thu 15 Nov Seminar - Rolling out the Roadmap Agenda  
    Rolling out the CEPI 2050 Roadmap Bernard de Galembert CEPI
    Innovation policy for the future Francisco Caballero-Sanz DG Entreprise
    Go Bio – The bio based industries PPP state of play Annita Westenbroek Bio PPP
    The Two Teams’ Project Marco Mensink, CEPI
    Breakthrough – feedback from the RISI awards Mark Rushton, RISI
    The Canadian Way – FP Innovation Biopathways

Pierre Lapointe, FPInnovations

Isabelle Des Chênes, FPAC

  papiNet  standard as supply chain enabler papiNet a Response to Market Needs & Emerging Opportunities Tom Meniga
    HAMELIN / Stora Enso EDI process Jean-Yves Gannard